How to Make Your Dream Come True

Updated: September 8th, 2020


What is your dream?

There are a few tips to make your dream come true.

When your dream did not come true, is it possible that you had a strong feeling that "I wish my dreams would come true," but at the same time, you also had an equally strong feeling that "they will never come true?" Your feeling of "I want this. I want this to happen." and that of "I can definitely get it. That will definitely happen." are two different feelings. If you can think those two strong feelings simultaneously, your chance of making your dream come true is very high.  But if you have strong feelings of "I wish my dreams would come true" and "they will never come true" at the same time, your chance of making your dream come true is pretty low.  You may feel jealous of people who made the same dream come true, or worse yet you may just give up your dream completely. 

In order for you to be able to feel "I know I can get it," you need to believe that you are worth it. This is where your self-worth and self-love become very important.  For example, suppose your dream is to meet a wonderful partner and start a happy family.  If you can believe that you are worth meeting a wonderful partner and starting a happy family, then sooner or later you WILL meet a wonderful partner and start a happy family. The same thing with your career. If you have a dream of doing joyful job everyday, being appreciated by people, and being rich, while you totally belive that you are worth having such a job, that will surely come true. 

Another tip is to leave the details to the Universe (God, Higher Power whatever you want to call it). You may have some specific person in mind for a partner-candidate, or you may have a specific job title or a company name of your dream job, but don't think that it has to be this specific person or that specific position of the specific company. What you want to do is to ask for "XX (a specific name) or better."  And don't get too hung up on when, where, and how your dreams come true. Don't compare with others and think "her dream came true already, and why mine hasn't!"  Leave the details of when, where, and how up to the Universe.

One more important thing is to imagine and feel what it's like when you have what you wanted. What you really wanted actually was not a specific person or a specific job, but the feeling you get from having those. Once you understand this, you know why it does not have to be a specific person or a job.

Once you are convinced that "I deserve it," and you can imagine your excitement and happiness when you get it, then now what you need to do is take actions.  Small steps will do, but just keep going. Your dream will come true at just the right timing for you!