Self-Love 6 Week

Online Workshop

You can learn to love yourself unconditionally. Self-love is a foundation for your truly happy fulfilling life. Let's start the journey now.

It's not selfish to love yourself. Real self-love is the foundation for your truly happy fulfilling life. If you'd like to improve your relationships, career, or even health, start by learning to love yourself.


We'll meet weekly to learn and practice self-love:

Week 1 (Oct 10): Setting your intention: Understand where you are and where you want to go and why.

Week 2 (Oct 17): Understanding what self-love is: Learn what “true” self-love is and isn’t, and why it affects all areas of your life.

Week 3 (Oct 24): Identifying your blocks: Identify in which areas you are struggling to love yourself and why.

Week 4 (Oct 31): Removing your blocks 1: Find out what you can do to remove blocks to love yourself unconditionally.

Week 5 (Nov 7): Removing your blocks 2: Continue to learn techniques to remove blocks for your unconditional self-love.

Week 6 (Nov 14): Creating an action plan: Review everything we have learned and put together an individual action plan for your continued journey to “true” self-love.


This workshop will be:

• In-depth: We’ll dive deep into concepts around self-love

• Interactive: Q&As, group and individual exercises, discussions

• Intimate: You’ll get support from me and your peers

• Transformative: Start your first step to be the best version of yourself


Workshop Details:

Starts: October 10, 2020 (Sat), 5:30 pm to 7 pm (90 minutes)

Ends: Every week same time until November 14, 2020

Your Investment: $698



• Questions by emails (Answers during the workshop)

• Self Evaluation Sheets

• Self-Love Exercise Sheets

• Naoko’s Book Picks for enhancing Self-Love

• Naoko’s Affirmation Sheet for Self-Love