What It Means to Love Yourself 

Updated: October 8th, 2020

Do you love yourself?

If your answer is definite yes, then you must be happy. You must be living a fulfilling life.

If your answer is not definite yes, are you happy? Are you living a fulfilling life in all areas?

Why do we need to love ourselves?

That's because it's the foundation for your truly happy fulfilling life.

Developing great meaningful relationships.

Achieving the goals you set for yourself.

Doing fulfilling work.

The foundation for all these is self-love.

It is possible to achieve these without loving yourself.

But they don't last.

Someday it might explode.

Sometimes you see very accomplished respected people take their own lives.

Sometimes you see highly successful people end up losing everything.

I wonder if they loved themselves in true sense.

Truly loving yourself means you accept yourself WITHOUT ANY CONDITIONS.

Your appearance. Your educational background. Your job. Your savings in bank accounts. Your achievements. Your health condition. Your relationships. The words and actions of others targeted toward you. Your past. Your outlook for your future.


Loving yourself means you just



When I say "love yourself," you might think of someone who puts heavy makeup, wear expensive clothes, and carry brand-name items (not that I am against these, in fact I love makeups and shopping) , that's not what I mean. It's almost the opposite of this image.

When I say "love yourself," I mean love yourself "as is" without any accouterments.

If you cannot love your appearance as is, you are most likely judging others by appearance also.

If you think your value is determined by your achievement, you are perhaps judging others by their achievements. As long as you keep achieving, you can love yourself, but as soon as some formidable rivals appear, your self-confidence goes out the window and your performance dips and you start not liking yourself. This is because your love for you was "conditional."

Some of you may have treasured past wounds. You may say "I can't love myself fully because of something I did in the past, or because of something somebody else did to me." For example, you might say "because my parents told me this, or because my friends did that to me, I have low self-esteem." But no matter what happened in the past, you CAN love yourself and you MUST love yourself unconditionally. Even if there were people who said or did something to hurt you, that actually was their problem, it was their own low self-esteem targeted on you. You have to dismiss it.

You may be short, overweight, or sick, have no money, no friends, or no job, be sick. Something terrible may have happened in the past, or you may have a dismal future outlook. Regardless of all those conditions, you need to love yourself.

Let's give permission to love yourself and who you are today.

This does not mean you stay where you are.

First you decide to love yourself as you are today.

Know that there is nothing to prove. You are worthy as you are.

From there, you start walking towards the life you want.

If you feel you are not worthy and are making efforts to prove your worth, or if you think you are lacking something and are working hard to fill what's missing, you will never reach where you truly want to reach.

Universe, God, Creator, Higher Power, Spirit. You can call it anyway you'd like, but know that something bigger than yourself sent you here on this earth.  This Great Power loves every single one of you on this earth.  So let's love yourself.

This is the first step towards a perfectly happy life, and the first step for your radical transformation.