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I'm Here to Support Your Life-Changing Journey

Changing careers, Starting a business, Moving, Marrying, Divorcing, Having Children, and Passing of Loved Ones. There are many transitions in life. Should I move forward? Should I stay? You might wonder. Part of you may want to move forward, but part of you may be scared. You may move one step forward and two steps backward.  But "change" is courage. "Change" is an opportunity. 


Your life journey is also a journey to return to your "Real You," who have unlimited potential. I know you want to be the "Best Version" of you. You want to be just you and be happy.​


I'm here to support your life transitions, a journey to meet and return to your "Real You."

Holistic Approach

The Answer is within You.


That's what I think Holistic Life Coaching is about.


Inside you, there exist both positive feelings full of love, and negative feelings filled with fear. When your negative feelings are overwhelming you, your positive feelings are hidden and it's hard to come up with constructive answers.


But the good news is, if you can get rid of your negative feelings, you can find positive answers. Holistic life coaching is about helping you the root cause of your negative feelings and bring forth your inner wisdom based on your positive feelings you already have, and support you in solving whatever issues you would like to face.


In holistic approach, coaches will not give answers to clients, because everyone has "the answer" within herself. The answer you already have within yourself is the answer you want to know. Holistic coaches' job is to "accelerate" the process so you can "meet" the answer.

If This is You, You're in the Right Place!

  • I have things I want to discuss with someone who is warm and not judgmental .

  • I'm considering switching careers, or starting a business, but I'm so worried. I'm stuck, unable to decide if I should move forward or not.

  • I'm considering divorce, but I'm really worried. I keep going back and forth whether to move forward or not.

  • I know I want to move forward, but I need someone who would hold myself accountable, so I won't give up before reaching the goal.

  • I have multiple issues and I know I need to do something, but don't know where to begin.

  • I have some problems with my partners, parents, children, friends, co-workers and I want to solve them.

  • I have a dream and I want a cheerleader so I won't give up until I make it come true.

  • I have hard time loving myself and want to know how I can love myself.

  • I sometimes feel so small, but I want to believe my unlimited potential.

  • I have somebody or some incidents that makes me so angry, and I want to find a way to come to peace with it.

  • I want to find my calling.

  • I want to find out why things are not going well, when I'm working so hard.

  • I want to meet an ideal partner, good friends, and/or children.

  • I want to find a way to have a perfect work-life balance for me and live a peaceful yet exciting life.

  • ​I want somebody I can vent, so I can stay positive all the time.


If this is you, contact me. But I won't tell you the answer - for two reasons. First the answer you're looking for is only within you. Second, my goal is to teach you how you can tap into your true self so you can always find answers yourself.  I'm here to help you find the answer you cannot see now, but the answer I know you already have. I'm here to be your listener and cheerleader until your dream comes true, or find answers you've been looking for.

​My job is to help you become "real you" and live a perfectly happy life.