How Do I Find My Life Purpose?

Updated: September 7th, 2020

What was I born for?

Am I needed by the world?

If you are wondering these, I have good news for you.

Everyone is irreplaceable precious existence on this earth.

Everyone is needed from this universe.

I think "Everyone's Life Purpose is the same, and different."

Does this sound like Zen? 

Keep reading. Here is why.

Everyone's Life Purpose is the same,

because Everyone's Life Purpose is:

for you to live a pefectly happy life and 

for you to contribute to other people's perfectly happy lives.

At the same time,

Everyone's Life Purpose is different,

because what makes you perfectly happy and

how you can contribute to other people's perfect happiness is different for each person.

Maybe I can call the first Life Purpose "Universal Life Purpose" and the second one "Individual Life Purpose."

Then the question is what makes me perfectly happy? How can I contribute to other people's perfect happiness?

The hint in in your "joy."

It's something you were doing without anyone telling you to do, when you were a child.

For example, in my case, I used to compose short sentences and draw pictures and put together picture books when I was really young. Looking up dictrionaries and writing down words and sentences on my notebooks was my hobby. It was something that brought me tranquility and I lost track of time. I loved my Japanese, English, and art classes at school.

Although I spent many years working for IT companies, it was this "writing" "speaking" - all things related to "languages," that helped me with my career. Presentations and marketing materials I made for those companies, columns I've written for Silicon Valley's local Japanese community paper, and teaching Japanese to children are all related to "language." And sharing tips on the path to perfect happiness with you! For me, writing, speaking, reading, and listening "languages (for now Japanese and English, but I'd love to add French to my list)" is my "joy."

An accomplished Japanese business person, author, and philosohper, Hitori Saito says: "Don't ask other what your life purpose (calling) is." This is because people tend to view "life" only based on their own experience. Suppose Susan studied really hard, went to the top notch university, got a job at a prestigewous company, and this is what happiness is about for Susan. Meanwhile, you are thinking of not going to college, but becoming an artist. If you tell your dream to Susan, the likelihood of Susan supporting your dream is low. She might totally dismiss it.

So unless it's someone who believes in diverse values, you're better off not asking what your life purpose is.

Actually even if it's somewho who believes in diverse values, since what brings you "joy" is different from person to person, she can't tell you what brings you joy. If you tell your dream to some one who understands diverse values, she will support your dream. But only you can figure out what brings you joy. You don't ask other people: "What do you think I want to eat for breakfast?" Right? It's a silly question, since it's something only you can tell. Life Purpose is the same.​

So let me ask you again. What brings you joy?

That's the first step to find your Life Purpose.

Another tip is "Don't try to figure it out hard."

​If you live each day with the Universal Life Purpose in mind, that is if you live each day with the goals of for you to be perfectly happy and for you to support others to be perfectly happy, then the universe will tell you what to do more concretely.

A late Japanese business person, philosophor, and Yoga mater Tenpu Nakamura said in his book:

Let's celebrate this happiness and bliss from the bottom of my heart!

My heart is burning with a desire to create something for others on this earth.

I have no doubt that the universe will tell me what to do

as long as I maintain this burning desire.

(Excerpts from "Toitsushingen" by Tenpu Nakamura)

In other words, Tenpu, too, says if enjoy your life and keep burning your desire to benefit others, the universe will tell you what to do.

So stay true to your joy. Don't listen to other people's "Do this. Do that." The more you listen to other people's voices, the further away you will be from your Life Purpose. If you have no idea what brings you joy right now, it's quite possible that you've listen to other people's voices too much too long.

Listen to your inner voice and notice your true joy. Once you find it, relax and wait for the messages from the Universe.

You do have Life Purpose.

Trust that your existence is very much needed from the Universe.