Why should I get a life coach?

Updated: May 16

Everything starts with your mind.


Self-denial. Bullying. DV. Terrorism. War. Poverty. There are numerous problems in the world, but they all originate in the same thing - our mind.


If we are 100% happy, are full of dreams and hopes, are excited every day, why would we even think of denying ourselves, or bullying others, let alone trying to change the world using violence. We would probably take actions to help eradicate poverty.


In everyone's mind, there is a "higher-self" who has nothing but positive feelings full of love, and a "lower-self" who has all those negative feelings full of jealousy, hatred, and fear. Wouldn't it be nice if we could always be our higher-self? How can we get rid of those negative feelings and keep only positive feelings?


The first step is to realize whether what you're thinking now is positive or negative. For example, you may be thinking things are not going well even though you are working so hard. Oftentimes, if you examine your mind carefully, you have some negative feelings and they are preventing things from going well.


By talking to someone who is not judgmental what's going on in your mind, you can objectively look at it and find out if what you're feeling is positive and helping you, or is negative and dragging you down.


The tidy-up guru, Konmari, said in one of her books, "It's time you officially learn how to tidy up. People don't know how to tidy up, because they never learned how to do it."


I believe it's time people learn how to tidy up their mind. Your negative thinking that you are having hard time getting rid of, is something you probably learned from your family, teachers, or friends.


I believe everyone has a mission. Everyone is an essential member to constitute this world. Everyone can be 100% happy. Let's take the first step together.


You go to lawyers when you have legal problems. You go see a doctor when your body is sick. If you have a problem with your life, you go to a life coach.


If you have a healthy mindset, as a result you can avoid lots of legal problems. If your mind is healthy, you tend to stay physically and even if you get sick, you tend to recover from it faster.


I want to be a good parent. I want to do a good job. If that's what you want, the first step is again to sustain a healthy mindset yourself.


We are all precious beings. A life coach is your partner to treasure your precious life.