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Are you feeling stuck in your less-than-satisfactory job or unfulfilling relationship?

Are you on the verge of giving up something important you started?

Are you feeling there's more to life than there is now?

Are you feeling guilty of self-sabotaging?

I hear you.

I've been there.

The good news is you don't have to do it alone.

Identifying your limiting beliefs, 

learning to take good care of yourself,

and truly love yourself

will dramatically accelerate your progress towards your goals and dreams.

Self-love is the answer.

If you can learn to unleash the power within you,

you'll see anything is possible.

And, with just a little help from someone who believes in you,

believes in your dreams and goals, and

holds you accountable,

you can bring forth your hidden power, and

make steady progress towards the place you want to go, or

become the best version of yourself.


Let's take your dreams seriously.

Give yourself a gift of coaching.

You and your dreams deserve it.

The Process

Here is how the 90-day journey works:

Step 1: Sign up for a FREE and No Obligation Discovery session


In this FREE session (via Zoom),

we'll discuss your current problems and goals

and explore how we may work together toward your goals.

We'll select a clear goal you want to achieve in 90 days.

Step 2: If we decide we're a good match and you decide to move forward, our 90-day journey begins


You'll fill out an intake form

We'll meet 12 times about 45 minutes each via Zoom within 90 days

- usually once a week at the same time on the same day.

Every week we'll set a mini-goal, review your progress, and discuss what's getting in your way.

We'll decide action items each week. 

Here are additional things we may do but not limited to:

• Reflect on what you have tried so far and what have been the roadblocks.

• Uncover any other self-limiting beliefs that're stopping you from moving forward.

• Learn to overcome roadblocks and self-limiting beliefs.

• Learn to love yourself. Establish a positive mindset.

• Take massive actions (on your part).

• Check the results and tweak actions.

Step 3: Find new You through the 90-day journey


It's a start of new "You" new "Life." Let's celebrate!

Your Investment

Pay in full: US$2,480  3 installments: US$890 x 3

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